2022 Regatta Documents

IOM National Championship IOM Canterbury Provincial Championship DF95 South Island Championship DF95 National Championship


Pegasus Radio Sailing Club formed in 2018 and is based on Lake Pegasus in Waimakariri District, north of Kaiapoi, South Island, New Zealand. Lake Pegasus covers 18 hectares, is 500 metres long and varies between 100 and 200 metres wide providing 3.5 km of foreshore with five areas we can sail from, depending on the wind. Over 60 members are friends enjoying the challenges and satisfaction of radio sailing. They are always keen to share their knowledge and respond to interest shown by passers-by and welcome enquiries.

IOMs rounding mark 3

A past Boat Show Day revealed that our Club and members own 71 radio yachts across 14 designs – 12 Canty J; 33 IOM; 7 EC12; 7 DF95; 2 DF65; 2 Laser RC; 5 Marblehead; 1 Ten Rater; 2 scale Zephyr; 1 own design; 1 Mini 40 Trimaran; 1 Fairwind; 1 Sailwind and 6 Pegasus 880 yachts for public, school and business “Have a Go” events as well as challenges against other radio or full-size yacht clubs

DF95 29
DF95 29 on Lake Pegasus

The annual Activities Program includes weekly Class Racing for IOMs and DF 95s with prizes to recognise performance and improvement. Another special feature of the club is the Impromptu Sailing that happens when members look out over the lake, at any time of the week, check the weather, and WhatsApp other members to put a few buoys out and test each other’s wit and wisdom. Aspiring competitive skippers often create opportunities together to tune their yachts and improve their yacht handling skills.

With our distinctive trailer, well managed resources and capable administration, we offer all skippers support and fellowship: for those new to radio sailing, to those aiming for competitive success, and for all interests in between. The Club encourages its skippers of all abilities to reach for their aspirations, and to get the most out of their time with each other as well as their boat. At the same time, the wellbeing and progress of PRSC is enhanced by the special and varied skills and knowledge which every member brings to the Club.

df95s rounding
DF95s rounding the top mark

On the membership continuum, skippers can take up opportunities to learn to sail and enjoy their boats, to whatever level they wish. It might be to simply launch their boat from the peaceful shores of Lake Pegasus and relax away from life’s pressures by themselves, or in the company of friends, or to compete locally, nationally and internationally.

Canterbury J Class [foreground] and other classes

PRSC has also gained a reputation for excellence in running events on our home water. These might be to bring radio sailors together from other clubs socially, or for workshops, or for full blown championship regattas attracting accomplished radio yachties from New Zealand and overseas.

In celebration of the year, in December, our Club Regatta will show off all the facets of radio sailing explored through the year and close with a Prize Giving to acknowledge our members’ achievement and excellence through the year.

Lake Pegasus from above
Lake Pegasus