Lyttelton Lads
Lyttelton Lads Graham P, Brent C, Robert N, Darryl P.

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Sunday 4 July 2021 – Split Start Series Day
Very tricky day today. Lindsay and Gary J stepped up to set up, and Gareth stepped in to officiate. Thanks you three for making a fickle day into a successful day. Gareth is fast establishing a wonderful reputation as a Principal Race Officer – decisive, focussed and knowledgeable. He is translating the written theory in the On Line Race Officer’s Course into high quality racing on the lake. Keep it up Gareth, and Thank You.
A surprise appeared early in the day in the form of an orange V10 NZL 90. Nice one Ric P. Now we are all wondering what Ben K will bring out with him, soon we hope.
Skippers were nerved up today about weed which has been uprooted by the zillions of swans hanging out on the lake before embarking on mating in the marshes next month. Fortunately, we weren’t too bothered after the first race – maybe Brent, Robert and Colin gathered it all up in the first race for Paul and Tex to lead in at least one race.
Gareth noted how well behaved the DF95s were on the start line compared with the trigger happy IOMs. On the race course, both fleets enjoyed making the most of the shifts. Congrats to Darryl for an emphatic win in the afternoon session. But, look how close the points are for the rest of the DF 95 fleet. Good racing was had.
The Lyttelton Port Lads Graham P, Brent and Robert psyched all but Rick out and showed us the way round the course. Well done Graham P for a resounding first overall. The Lyttelton Lads pulled in Darry for a team photo: