Opening Day 2023 – Report

Nineteen members with 6 IOMs and 9 DF 95s turned out for a classic Pegasus day in the sun for the 2023 Opening Day on 22 January.

RO Pete N, Assistant Ian and Boatman Mike all rocked up with Rita, early as, before 10 am and had our Race Area professionally presented well before the start time of 11 am. RO Pete wielded the RO’s whistle with confidence and got the day underway with an authoritative and fun briefing and warm welcome to the 2023 Opening Day.

A perfect A rig strength wind took a few races to settle into an unusual southerly breeze. Pete and Mike set a short course from a start line to a windward gate down to the leeward gate and back up the course – 2 laps for IOMs and 1 lap for DFs. Usually, the IOMs went off a minute ahead of the DF 95s and were required to run and beat outside the starting line to add more tactical decision-making and keep the start line clear for the DFs. This was respected and worked well. More than one skipper applauded Pete’s course with all buoys close enough to the control area for good visibility. In fact, the southerly direction made this possible on Race Area A.

Sadly, Brent C’s IOM 78 packed a sad early on and Brent left early to spend time at the garage bench fixing the problem. Laurie also had to fix an IOM problem and offered his DF 95 transmitter to Paul for a few races while he nipped home.

A break was called at 12.30 for Paul to officially open the 2023 Program. Paul said he was reassured of a great year’s sailing by the good weather and everyone’s smiling faces. He thanked Rod McKenzie (DF 95 #219) for his generosity in donating the brand-new McKenzie Trophy to the club, and briefly explained how the trophy can be won: each skipper’s first three race day results in the first half of the year will be compared with his or her last three race day results of the year. This drew attention to the extensive range of Race Days through 2023 which will qualify for the trophy.

The remaining eight new trophies will be unveiled as they become relevant. For example, next week, for the first of the DF 95 Club Championship Days. Ian McG reminded the gathering about the Club making a Battle Flag for the Club’s competitors to take to the DF 95 National Championship. This prompted Paul to unfurl the Club’s new pennant and raise it to open the 2023 Activities Program.

Lunch followed and after 1.30 pm RO Pete led the skippers through another six races before calling a close and repair to The Good Home.

Opening Day DF95 Results
Opening Day IOM Results