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  • FULL MEMBER: Anyone not within Youth or Supporter categories. YOUTH MEMBER: Anyone who is age 19 or under at 30 June of this financial year. SUPPORTER MEMBER: Anyone supporting the club other than sailing in the regular sailing program. LIFE MEMBER: Anyone elected by the membership in recognition of special service to the Club. NOTE 1. A supporter member may join as a full member, if desired, as further support to the club. 2. Each of the fee categories covers automatic registration with the National Body (New Zealand Radio Sailing Association - NZRYA) 3. Annual registration with NZRYA will be paid from Club funds for Life Members.
  • Conditions of Membership

  • 1. I will abide by the Rules of the Club in its Constitution and Health and Safety Plan. 2. I am aware of the inherent risks in the Activity Program and a. accept responsibility for my personal safety and well being, and b. respect the well being of other members, and c. accept responsibility for the safe use of my own and the club’s property. 3. I am happy for my name and phone number to be included in the Membership Contacts List, and for audio visual records of me and my yacht being included in Club communications with members. I will not share the membership contact details or audio visual items beyond the club's members without the permission of the member(s) involved.
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