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2019 iom Canterbury Championsips Final Results

August Handicap Results 25-08-19
August Handicap Results 25-08-19
Our gratitude goes to Chris Bridges for his energetic enthusiastic expertise that he kept up all day last Sunday. For his show’n’tell with Rata, and then for the first ever PRSC airing of HMS. Great to see Ben K prove how efficient Pete’s Mark III buoys are to lay a course, and move it about…. and then have a go at helming Rata. For the afternoon, Chris split the fifteen entries into 2 equally divided heats for a first “seeding” race. The results from this Race 1 were used to rank the fleet into Race 2 Heat B and Heat A. The top two of Heat B stayed on the water and raced in Heat A. The top six from Race 2 were put into Race 3 Heat A with Colin added as DNC, and the remainder took to the water for Race 3 Heat B. Again, the top two moved straight into Heat A. From then on, after each Heat B, the top two moved up into Heat A. After each Heat A, the bottom two were moved back into Heat B for the next race. The benefits of HMS included a maximum of 9 yachts in each heat making spectacular starts and racing to the max with far less unresolved incidents. The HMS count back rule 5.1 a, and c was needed to split Ben and Gary Shorts, Paddy and Gary Tex, and Rick and me. (Note to self, I will have to keep practicing for when Rick has both hands in full strength and grip).
August Medal Races - 11th August 2019
July Handicap - 28th July 2019
July Medal Races - 14th July 2019
June Medal Races - 30th June 2019

June 16th Handicap Results

Sunday Fleet Racing 19 May 2019



Intensive racing in light, fickle winds. Ric P worked wonders with the buoys to get a variety of courses which tested the skippers. Racing was therefore close and well fought, within the spirit of “World Laughter Day”.
Robbie Norris launched his brand new V8 out of the box, won the second race and went on to challenge us all with speed and good tactics.
The afternoon breeze brought different skippers to the fore. Lloyd and Laurie suffered winch failures, and Laurie’s quick reactions saved his boat as smoke billowed from the hatch.
We finished with a team photo in the warm lowering sun.

Laurie's Winch
Laurie’s Winch













Sailing May 5th 2019
Sailing May 5th 2019

PRSC Fleet Racing 28th April 2019

Brilliant racing, run by Rick, Ric, Eric and Gary J. Mid to top B rig on a perfect northerly straight down the lake. Great to welcome Gus Hurrell (152) from Ashburton, and Lloyd (147) on his birthday.

PRSC Club Racing 2019
PRSC Club Racing 2019

Club Meeting Report for Sunday April 14 Event run by Peter R & Rick C-B
This meeting was held in interesting conditions. At the 10.45 start the wind was south to south west at about 7 knots.By midday it became B rig conditions with some rain and verging on C rig.
One or two sailors continued with A rig, however this was some what overwhelming.
Around 1.30 p.m. (until the end of racing at 2.00 p.m.) it was back to A rig.

The fleet turnout of 14 boats was very pleasing for a club meeting and it resulted in some great finishes, some within a boat length. Great sportsmanship prevailed throughout the meeting.

It is to be noted that the buoy placement, for this meeting, was by remote control using the electric tug. We feel that this gave a course view from the shore, for both the course setters and sailors alike. The result was a long track, yet close enough into shore to make for exciting racing, particularly the starts and up to first windward mark. The club dinghy was used to rescue 3 distressed boats successfully.

At the conclusion of the event a group met at The Flat White Cafe for an informal discussion regarding club matters.
What a great turnout for the first of many shared Race Officer/ Assistant Race Officer meetings.
Thanks to everyone involved.

17th February Testing at the very top of “b” rig conditions. “Players of the day” award is shared between Colin and Gary for teamwork putting NZL47 thruogh her paces.


Pegasus Racing 27th Jan
Pegasus Racing 27th Jan
Sunday 27 January, 2019 – PRSC had to give way to Aoraki Dragon Boating’s monster event in the whole lake.
Thanks to the flexible and positive attitude of skippers, some great racing was had in the North Eastern arm of the lake. The wind remained in our favour straight down the arm.
Peter R unveiled eight of his magnificent buoys – we used four with ease and instant success. Huge THANKS to Peter for all his time and effort in the garage at home. He even welded up and painted a storage holder to go into the trailer.
Bruce was given a run for his money by Chris K with his red V10, only one point behind after 14 races. As always, among the fleet, there was some tight racing between groups of boats through the day.

What began as a social day last Sunday 6th Jan., would end up being a day of 18 races! A light southerly increased in strength to top of “A” rig, then came in from the east for 3 or 4 reaching races to finish the day
Robbie Norris iom94 joined us from mid-morning on.
It is noticeable the interest in RC Sailing from passers by, with a number having a try after being given a transmitter.
Formal racing is on next Sunday and it will be interesting to see what sort of sailing happens on the days/weekends between formal racing days.
R.O. for the day Bruce E

Pegasus results 2nd December
Pegasus results 2nd December [2 heats]