Results September Handicap Medal Day

It all came together today for the September Handicap Medal Day.
Keith and Colin were smooth and efficient with race management with Keith tweeking the Handicap times, to try and bring the fleet together on the finish line.
Members pitched in to help with equipment.
Some members helped others to set their yachts up, or plan strategies to get round the course.
The wind settled to a gentle breeze we could get our teeth into tactically.
The racing was fair, and any incidents dealt with on the course, in good humour and to the rules.
Gary ‘Shorts’ calmly and consistently handled his yacht round the track to take overall honours for the Gold Medal. Peter Shaw lead the way with confidence more than once. Chris (Zephyr) and Terry (DF95) gave us great sport trying to catch them before the finish.
Club Handicap 22nd September
Club Handicap 22nd September