DF 95 Racing Report – Sunday 21 February
DF95 21-02-21
Fourteen of us enjoyed our first PRSC racing day on the Southern NESS Lake, thanks to the bloom denying us access to Lake Pegasus. We are very lucky to have the support of Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete Ltd, for the foreseeable future.
Sunday was a bright, sunny and warm day with a variable light North East wind. RO Paul recorded results for four races in the morning session with five DF 95s lining up for the starts and demonstrating how well 95ers go in light airs. 
Rick CB with DF 55 showed how quickly he has picked up the characteristics of the yacht. Lloyd and Gareth consistently licked at 55’s heels and managed to take one race each off Rick.
Barry and Ric P were never far behind and Peter N’s DF 125 replaced them after lunch to add to Lloyd and Rick’s fine racing for the afternoon.
What other talent is out there in the club as we lead up to the DF 95 South Island Championship at the end of March????
A range of IOMs raced unofficially, a minute behind the DFs. Keith, Tex and Peter R were joined by Vern G and Paddy for the afternoon session. Ric P returned with his IOM and we were treated to two launchings – Dean’s pink home-built Night Hawk in a lake for the first time, and Brent’s new acquisition – the red V10 called “Rocket Man”.
We had good discussion about what needs doing to the foreshore of the NESS lake to give Paul a sound set of requests to take to the PRSC Committee and Ready Mix. All were agreed that the club should purchase a cassette toilet and cubicle tent, and Paul will talk to Tom Beaumont tomorrow to agree on the access details for impromptu sailors to arrange get togethers while Lake Pegasus is off limits.