Sunday Sailing Report – 10 October 2021

Lake Pegasus put on a fine show of its best weather and most pleasant environment yesterday. We enjoyed a light southerly breeze for the morning, pulsing and turning through even 180O from time to time. The wind dropped conveniently for a leisurely lunch and picked up again to a variable light to mid A rig breeze from the East. This and 15 fine people warmly welcomed Rod McKenzie (DF 129) into the fold – admittedly slightly muffled through our masks.

RO Darryl and Assistant Barry stepped up to the task of officiating with exemplary efficiency and good humour. Darryl worked in six races before the wind died and called the lunch break. He called for the windward gate system again and added another twist to the racecourse: we were not allowed through the start / finish line after the start and before the finish. We were talked through the first race and given due warning from then on that anyone venturing between the start / finish marks would score DSQ!

The first to forget in Race 2 was none other than Commodore Paul, who snuck Skylar back around the mark hoping no-one had noticed. The RO hadn’t, but every other skipper had – shouldn’t they have been concentrating on their own yachts? So, Skylar took the DSQ and no-one else made the mistake.

The beats and runs became a full-on tactical test with patience and a little luck thrown in. It did not go unnoticed that the fleet of IOMs gliding down the first run regularly divided neatly around the DFs preparing to start. Well Done Darryl.

We set a new, short course out into the Easterly for the afternoon with 2 laps for the DFs and three for the IOMs and a fetch from the final leeward gate to a finish line so Barry could see the sail numbers as they crossed the line.

Top honours went to Mark (DF 52) and Paul (IOM 03) after 16 races each.


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