RO Report 

10 sailors were challenged by a shifting light SE breeze.

2 courses were set for the predicted wind change, of course it didn’t happen….. Simply died out.

The racing was close and most had a podium at some stage.

Lunch at 12.30 and a coupla races in the afternoon as the zephers fell out at 2ish.

It was obvious that most had attended the recent rules explanation as it was observed that the rules are understood and used to advantage by a majority of the 95 skippers.

There was one protest dealt with speedily….

Because of light winds the lower race pace allowed plenty of time for developing incidents to be processed by sailors and the rules adhered to…with the slower boat speeds avoiding contact even if ‘in the right’ was the wise tactic.

My thanks to patient scorer, Robbie and the very competent boatman Alan W.

Weed was in evidence and time was allowed before each race start to ensure all was clear.

9 races completed



Series Results