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Report and Results for Sunday 1 August 2021
There was an extra buzz of activity on the shore last Sunday. Paul turned up with the Club’s new whiteboard stands and enjoyed the help of many to fit the bolts, and peg the guy ropes ready for registration. Witty comments accompanied the skipper’s search for their magnetic labels to register their day’s entry on the Fleetboard. Tex brought a couple of buoys modified to be more visible to all. Paul set the course for the light ENE and placed the new buoys in the furthest positions. Pete N put the caution tape out and Ron and Lindsay took up the mantle of Race Officials.
Ron and Lindsay generated great good humour – not least because Lindsay is currently one-armed and Ron one-legged (with a torn tendon!). Between them they combined their working parts to give us a sparkling day of good racing. Ron thought beyond the square and adapted the course to keep the fleets of IOMs and DF95s apart. It was so successful that they only came together at the finish, which put Lindsay to the test to record numbers single handed. Ron’s well timed humour entertained and encouraged witty responses from the Control Area.
Congrats to Darryl and Rick for top placings. In the DFs, this week’s most improved most certainly is DF 125 with a strong showing at the front end of the fleet. Well done Pete.
And in the IOMs the yellow V8 and Britpop hulls seemed to shine throughout the day, often popping up together and often in the front placings. Well done Jeremy and Tex.
Certain IOMs seemed to be magnetically attracted to buoys all round the course, or just missed them. Either way there were inevitable unwarranted remarks about the visibility of the buoys. Sensible feedback at the end of the day gave Tex reassurance that all the buoys should have black or blue tape across the white background with no numbers, and Paul confidence to sew up a set of black and blue flags in time for the IOM Canterbury Champs next weekend. Courses will be set to indicate which pair of 4 windward buoys will be used – Right, Middle or Left.
As always, there was public interest in the racing and boats on shore. One passing couple chose to stand on the rock to watch the racing and we welcomed two notable sailors from beyond Pegasus: Matthew Stetchman (another Lyttelton Boy) who is a winner of the OK Worlds and owns Hurricane Rigging in Waikawa, and Rod McKenzie from Waiheke Island who might set himself up with a DF95 for when he is staying in Christchurch. And it was great to see Paddy again with a couple of photos to add to the one posted in last week’s From The Bridge”.