Race Report – Sunday 12 September in Level 2

Last Monday’s Government Update allowed New Zealanders north or south of Auckland to drop from Level 3 to Level 2 from Wednesday morning. After some emails and phone calls within the PRSC Committee and around a few regular PRSC racers we came up with a plan for keeping ourselves Delta Safe for Sunday.

The foreshore looked impressive as 15 skippers and 3 officials met for the day’s briefing and paved the way for their return to Sunday Sailing after a few weeks of lockdown. Huge THANKS to everyone for embracing the protocols and making them work so well.

Laurie laid out the numbered starting position discs (2 metres apart) and Robert laid the course. Lindsay and Gareth registered the yachts and allocated them to the heats for the first race. Everyone wore masks and signed in to the PRSC QR Poster with the Contact Tracing App. Paul walked the Control Area lanes to demonstrate the anticlockwise route – from the start, to the windward end, to the leeward end, and back to the finish.

RO Robert and Assistants Gareth and Lindsay took us to lunchtime with 6 races in a rising breeze from the North. That swung to Northwest for the afternoon, and we got in another 7 races including a rig change back to A from B before the finish.

Paul had to pull out of the last race on the first run, with a winch failure that sailed Skylar off to the blue yonder. He took chase in Rata and caught the yacht just before the beach on the eastern shore. His fears were confirmed by the smoke pouring out as the hatch came off. A quick disconnect proved the fault was in the winch control box which had melted out of shape. Paul was particularly gutted because this was Gareth’s 290 RMG on loan while Paul’s own winch was – you guessed it – being repaired.

Feedback about the Level 2 Protocols was very positive. The lanes arrangement meant we walked 4.6 kilometres for the 13 x 2 lap races which is impressive and admittedly good for us. It gave Peter C a distinct advantage. He is one of the very fit “Wednesday Windlers” who walk around Lake Victoria every race on Wednesdays with CMYC.

No-one complained, and a few have suggested we always use the lanes, but with a break from one lane to the other for those who do not want to walk all the way. With B rigs, it was hard to keep up with the yacht!

PRSC’s ‘Split Start’ system was used for the first time and worked seamlessly for the IOMs in the morning. It looks good for when we have more than 15 starters. Rick CB and Darryl took line honours for the day – Well done both.


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