A classic NE mid A rig breeze greeted us from the start of the day in Race Area A. RO Keith got straight onto the job of laying a perfect NE course and thoughtfully added an extra windward mark for a forecast shift to E later in the day. We were underway by 11 am and Keith single handedly led us through 16 races for the IOMs and 15 for the DFs who wanted a rig change during the afternoon session. The IOMs had correctly changed to B rig at lunchtime.
Note that … single handedly … Keith started and finished all races on his own by juggling the tablet for the IOMs and paper for the Dfs. He didn’t miss a beat even when both fleets hit the finish in quick succession.
The wind stayed in the NE which gave us a wide open, long course for tight racing with hot starts and good yacht performance coupled with reading the shifts and surviving the downwind gusts. Congrats to Rick and Darryl for 1st place overall in the IOMs and DFs respectively.
7th Nov split start iom 7th Nov Split Start df95